I have now in the last ten years become aware of our own personal responsibility of helping the environment.  I now have stopped working with any art medium which has any toxins.

My indigo dyeing is done at my very talented friend Jenai Hooke's studio.  She is kind enough for me to come and pay to use her Indigo Vats.  If anyone would like to learn the process of indigo dyeing I highly recommend you look her up on Instagram Alchemist_Inside or on Facebook to find out about upcoming workshops.

I also use local weeds and plants for the dyeing of all my fabrics.
Mexican/Japanese sunflower which makes a lovely green yellow.
Purple Splash- pinks through to green
Madeira Vine - brown- creams
glycine - light brown - light green
bracken fern

Eucalyptus leaves of all varying types
Flowers from my trees in the garden e.g. Tibouchina
Kangaroo Paw, marigolds, dahlias, day lilies etc etc

Rosemary, turmeric, parsley etc. for herbs which I feel have such healing properties to add to dye.

The only problem being I have a small yard compared to the 10 acres of trees I used to have.  I had a lovely Indigo tree growing well and lots of choice.  I have been living here a year now and have not tried everything in my garden and around my neighbourhood but am working on it.

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