Sunday, July 5, 2020


Peppermint-This oil relates to the Sun supporting our Minds as the house of Body and Spirit.  It reminds us to be joyful and light hearted, overcome fears, bring mental clarity and has cooling properties to calm excess passion.

Wild Orange-is an Oil connected with the mighty power of Jupiter the beloved teacher and one who invites us to connect with the Inner child to find our joy and creativity.  It helps us to restore feelings of abundance and give without measure, freeing us from a mentality of fear and scarcity.   Restoring our hope in Humanity and assisting us as we find our way back to the Wisdom at Heart Center.

These oils can be used gently by diffusing into a room, and also by inhaling from the bottle, or from a drop placed in the palms of the hands.  Many have therapeutic properties when applied topically, some are excellent for internal use assisting with our digestive health and the removal of toxins.  Caution and proper research should always be exercised before consuming these powerful and concentrated oils or placing them directly on the skin.

The power of an Essential Oil can be amplified by pairing it with a Practice or Intention, such as Prayer, Meditation, or Repeating a Special Mantra.  I also love to use them intuitively when I need to subtly influence my energy as I head out the door to work, or as I go to bed at the end of the night.  Their benefits can be absorbed without even having to try so hard, and they are giving such lovely essences in support of assisting us with moving in to a higher state of consciousness and vibrations.  

They are a brilliant bouquet of Joy to tantalize our senses and restore our minds and hearts to a state of inner Peace and Joy.  

Love and Light until the Next Full Moon will rise.   I hope you gaze upon the Stars and Dance in the Moonlight.

Special Contributions made by-

Meredith Toddre- Tidal Wave of love and insight

Chrissy Lloyd- Spiritual Warrior

Arjun-Guru and beloved teacher

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