Saturday, September 30, 2017

I have a meditation book for "Women who do too much" by Anne Wilson Schaef and for the 1st October page I felt a resonance.

To believe in something not yet proved and to underwrite it with our lives:  it is the only way we  can leave the future open. - Lillian Smith

There once was a woman who said that she experienced the idea of Living in Process as akin to jumping off a cliff.  Sometimes after making that statement she related a dream in which she had come to the edge of a cliff and was aware of being very fearful of something coming up behind her.  In the dream, she felt that she had only one positive choice - to jump off the cliff, which she did with great terror.  Suddenly she was a aware of a wonderful floating feeling.  She opened her eyes and realised that her skirt had become a parachute; she was safe and floating comfortably.

"Leaving the future open" may be one of the most important commitments we make with our lives.  Believing in something no yet proved may just be believing in ourselves.

We never know what will make good parachutes.  When one is leaving the future open, it helps to know that there are parachutes not of our making in our lives.  

I feel my healing coats/clothes and shroud making/shroud mementos are a small part of my future and the rest is wide open.  WOW!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Red Lily is the same flower as the sacred Lotus in the Buddhist tradition. It enables people to stay grounded while opening up spiritually. It connects the Crown Chakra to the Body’s energy system, which is centred in the Base Chakra.

I am working on a new design of summer healing coat.  Smaller and more versatile which has the lotus flower design with pod incorporated into the coat.  The Red Lily Australian Bush Essence is the primary essence used on the cloth.  I am quite excited how this is shaping up.  Something which has evolved experientially. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Eco dyed Healing Reversible Wearable Art Coat- Cut work and Free machining and hand dyed.

DYES:  Cassia, Eucalypt, Indigo, Lichen bias binding and rust.
HEALING COLOURS:  Indigo - Concentration; intuition; imagination; insight; clairvoyance
Violet - Union with higher self; Spirituality; higher consciousness
Hibernia:  Content with own knowledge, acceptance, ownership and utilisation of own knowledge
Tall Yellow Top:  Sense of belonging; acceptance of self and others; knowing that you are home; ability to reach out.
Bottlebrush:  Serenity and calm;  ability to cope and move on; mother-child bonding.