Friday, August 24, 2018

"WHEN TREES SPOKE TO ME" Video by Christine Elcoate

It has taken me over five years to be able to put together this video after losing my husband tragically five days after getting back from a cultural exchange in Japan and visiting friends.  I haven't been able to do anything with all the photos I took in Japan until this week.  Must be time.

Friends took me to a Shrine not far from where we were staying just outside of Nagano.  I had to most magic experience walking through the ancient over 800 year old trees to the Shrine.  A warm surge came over me and my heart filled with warm energy and tears of bliss came over me.  Such a memorable moment in time that I did not realise until looking back that the trees were preparing me for what was to come in Australia five days later.  Now my trees now in my garden are my closest friends.  Meditating in my garden taking quiet time is now so fulfilling connecting with nature.  Try it and see how it changes your life.